Kunming Orchid

This nursery was established in 2019 in Baofeng Town, Jinning District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, over a total area of approximately 150,000m2 with 90 finished sheds. It is also one of the greatest nurseries in terms of area and investment made by our company. Due to the increasing rise of Chinese orchids in the global market, our company anticipates the global market for Chinese orchids. Annually, our nursery produces 5,000,000 pots of orchid seedlings and 2,500,000 pots of mature orchids.

The nursery features a lab for growing orchid seedlings, with 13 technicians, and 50 workers. We are dedicated to developing high-quality orchid seedlings. The growth of orchids is inseparable from the meticulous care of our staff. Our staff have been professionally trained to be able to prescribe the right medicine for every symptom of orchids as quickly as possible. At the same time, our technicians are trying to use different methods and fertilizers to grow different orchids, and test the most efficient way for healthy orchids.

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As one of the top three regions in the world for flower output, Yunnan's copious UV rays allow orchids to blossom more beautifully. In addition to human care for the growth of orchids, the most important thing is the cooperation of natural weather and our professional facilities. Our greenhouses are equipped with professional air conditioners to maintain the temperature. When there is too much rain or too much sunlight, we have 4 layers of automatic films to adapt to different environments and different stages of orchids. We must keep the orchid greenhouse at 20 degrees Celsius in the morning and 10 degrees Celsius in the evening. After years of planting experience, we have mastered a special set of planting plans and plans for orchids.


Our orchid nursery was founded in response to the increasing growth of national orchids on the market and under the direction of our counterparts in China and Taiwan. We have collected and introduced several national hybrid orchid species from China and Taiwan, established hybrid breeding of orchids, and established screening and cultivation trials for rapidly reproducing new species. We have established a consistent seedling stock and a methodical planting procedure. To support the industrial growth of national orchids and hybrid orchids, we are devoted to combining our resources to serve consumers from all angles. Until now, Kunming's nursery has been one of the greatest in China in terms of supply volume.

A variety of species, such as cymbidium granflorum, Chinese orchid, oncidium, nobile type dendrobium, dendrobium phalaenopsis and Australian dendrobium, comprise our primary offerings.