• Live agave Goshiki Bandai

    Live agave Goshiki Bandai

    Agave cv. Goshiki Bandai,Accepted Scientific Name: Agave univittata var. lophantha f. quadricolor.

  • Rare Live Plant Royal Agave

    Rare Live Plant Royal Agave

    Victoria-reginae is a very slow growing but tough and beautiful Agave. It is consider the to be one of the most beautiful and desirable species. It is extremely variable with the very open black-edged form sporting a distinct name (King Ferdinand’s agave, Agave ferdinandi-regis) and several forms that are the more common white-edged form. Several cultivars have been named with different patterns of white leaf markings or no white markings (var. viridis) or white or yellow variegation.

  • Rare Agave Potatorum Live Plant

    Rare Agave Potatorum Live Plant

    Agave potatorum, the Verschaffelt agave, is a species of flowering plant in the family Asparagaceae. Agave potatorum grows as a basal rosette of between 30 and 80 flat spatulate leaves of up to 1 foot in length and edge fringe of short, sharp, dark spines and ending in a needle of up to 1.6 inches long. The leaves are pale, silvery white, with the flesh coloured green fading lilac to pink at the tips. The flower spike can be 10–20 feet long when fully developed and bears pale green and yellow flowers.
    Agave potatorum like warm, humid and sunny environment, drought resistant, not cold resistant. During the growth period, it can be placed in a bright place for curing, otherwise it will cause loose plant shape