After a megadrought for more than a decade, Santiago, Chile was obliged to open a desert plant environment .

After a megadrought for more than a decade, Santiago, Chile was obliged to open a desert plant environment.

In Santiago, Chile's capital, a megadrought that has lasted for more than a decade has compelled authorities to restrict water usage. In addition, local landscape architects have begun to beautify the city with desert flora as opposed to the more typical mediterranean species.

The local authority of Providencia, Vega's city, intends to plant roadside drip irrigation plants that consume less water. "This will conserve about 90%of water compared to a conventional (Mediterranean plant) landscape," explains Vega.

According to Rodrigo Fuster, an expert in water management at the UCH, Chilean individuals must become more conscious of water conservation and adjust their water consumption practices to the new climatic conditions.

There is still much space to minimize water consumption. He stated, "It is outrageous that San Diego, a city with declining climatic conditions and numerous lawns, has a water requirement equivalent to London."

The head of parks management for the city of Santiago, Eduardo Villalobos, emphasized that "the drought has affected everyone and individuals must alter their daily habits to conserve water."

At the beginning of April, the Governor of the Santiago Metropolitan Region (RM), Claudio Orrego, announced the launch of an unprecedented rationing program, establishing a four-tier early warning system with water conservation measures based on the results of water monitoring in the Mapocho and Maipo rivers, which provide water to approximately 1.7 million people.

Thus, it is clear that desert plants can achieve metropolitan beauty while conserving significant water resources. Therefore, desert plants are gaining popularity since they do not require continual care and fertilization, and their survival rate is high even if they are seldom watered. In the event of a water scarcity, then, our company encourages everyone to try desert flora.


Post time: Jun-02-2022