Agave filifera v.compacta

The Kunming Nursery of Hualong Horticultural Farm will complete the planting and upkeep of 30,000 Agave filifera v.compacta. In November 2022, it is anticipated that 10,000 trees would be supplied to clients.

Now we will discuss in full how to care for plants of the agave.

1. Adaptation to the surroundings
Agave prefers a warm environment, is somewhat resilient, tolerates semi-shade, and grows best between 15 and 25 °C.

2. Soil requirements
Soil must be well-drained, fertile, and moist sand is preferable; nevertheless, a mixture of coarse sand and rotting soil is acceptable.

3. Lighting necessities
In summer, there shall be a little bit of shade, although agave prefers a great deal of light.
So it is recommended that the agave is usually placed in a place with sufficient sunlight; agave is not afraid of sunlight, so don't worry about the sun burning it; especially in winter, a little cold can be tolerated, but the sun must not be less; temperature around agave must not be less than 5 degrees; otherwise, overwintering is difficult for it.

4. Watering necessities
Agave is highly drought-tolerant; the watering principle is dry watering thoroughly every 1 to 3 weeks; in summer, foliage should be sprayed more; in autumn and winter, watering should be controlled to prevent rotting roots. In addition, agave must be adequately watered during its growth in order for it to flourish; agave in the growing season requires more watering than at other times, particularly during its dormant period, when only a few drops of water should be applied regularly.


5. Watering
Agave potatorum brocade is very strong in nature and does not have strict requirements for water. However, sufficient water must be given during its growth to make it grow well. In addition, during winter dormancy period, auspicious crown brocade should not be watered with too much water, otherwise it is easy to cause root rot.

6. Fertilization
Because Agave potatorum brocade has a strong adaptability to the environment, it will not affect the development of plants even if it grows on quite poor soil. However, the fertile medium will still make agave grow better. It is advisable to apply fertilizer once a year. Do not often spray fertilizer, otherwise it is easy to cause fertilizer damage.

Post time: Jun-02-2022