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Maitreya Taiping Lake Forest Town Mountain Rocky Desertification Park

Maitreya Taiping Lake Forest Town Mountain Rocky Desertification Park is a project of our company's cooperation with a park in Kunming Maitreya in 2020. The entire mountain rocky desertification park is divided into four areas: the Taiping Lake Mountain Rocky Desertification Exhibition Hall, the original appearance display area, the ecological reconstruction area, and the future outlook area. Among them, the ecological reconstruction area is the most attractive to tourists. The sloping hills are covered with pebbles, and cacti and agave plants are planted in the gaps of the pebbles, forming an amazing and peculiar landscape.
Rocky Desertification Park makes your eyes shine. Super interesting and shocking, the peculiar landscape is breathtaking, and the park attractions will surely become Maitreya’s hot spot.

The ecological reconstruction area restores the process of ecological construction of Taiping Lake, reduces the area of desertification and sandification by planting sandy plants, and forms a unique and dazzling landscape interaction zone in the mountain rocky desertification park.


The most typical features of rocky desertification are lack of water, less soil, and more rocks. Taiping Lake is located in the rocky desertification area of the karst fault basin in the eastern Yunnan area. The continuous evolution of the potential rocky desertification land further deteriorates.

The original appearance display area retains the original karst landforms and mountain plants in the Taiping Lake area to show everyone the ecological threat brought by rocky desertification.


Who would have thought that this beautiful scenery was once a barren land with severe rocky desertification.

Various types of cactus, agave and other sand plants and landscape trees constitute a unique ecological wonder. The unique spectacle makes tourists stop to take pictures.


Post time: Jul-05-2022