Sand plant landscaping case and daily maintenance sharing

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Two days ago, I went to see the sand plant landscaping I made in the city valley. They have grown up a lot, and they still look good.


Soil: The most important thing for growing cacti outdoors is the soil

configuration. In this regard, you must not save money. Take Shenzhen as an example. There are typhoons and it is very hot in summer. This makes the soil in which they grow even more important


The soil used for planting sandy plants in Shenzhen must ensure water permeability. Ordinary peaters cannot be used to directly plant sandy plants, as water will accumulate and cause plant root rot. Never use sea sand to grow sandy plants, which are easy to be salted to death. You need to add some large particle media, such as river sand, gravel, perlite, volcanic rock, medical stone, diatomite, etc. The ratio of peat to particles is about 1:1 so that it can meet the drainage of sandy plants in Guangdong for two more days.


Light: Pseudomonas plants are light-loving and can be exposed to light, even in the summer of Guangdong Province.


Watering: Watering once every two weeks in the outdoor environment is enought


Post time: Sep-09-2022