What are the five species of Chinese orchids in China?

What are the five species of Chinese orchids in China?

Some flower friends do not know which orchids the Chinese orchid refers to, actually know from the name that Chinese orchid refers to Chinese planted orchid, cymbidium, cymbidium faberi, sword-leaved cymbidium,cymbidium kanran and cymbidium sinense.


Cymbidium, also known as eupatorium and orchid , is one of the most well-known Chinese orchids. It is also one of the most frequent orchid species. Numerous orchid breeders began cultivating orchids from cymbidium, which are the most popular and widely distributed orchids in China. In general, cymbidium plants are between 3 and 15 centimeters tall, and the inflorescence consists of a single bloom, with the uncommon appearance of two blossoms.

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2.Cymbidium faberi

Cymbidium faberi is also known as summer orchids, one-stem nine-flower orchids, and nine-section orchids. The flower stems of this orchid are all 30-80 cm in length, and when they bloom, there are several blooms on a single flower stem, therefore it is also known as the one-stem nine-flower orchid. In addition, the leaves of cymbidium faberi ia slightly longer and much more exquisite than those of orchids. The cymbidium faberi has a lengthy history of cultivation and has been termed "Cymbidium" since antiquity.

3. Sword-leaved cymbidium

Sword-leaved cymbidium is also one of the most significant species when determining whether orchids are Chinese orchids. It is a fairly common type of orchid because its leaves are incredibly narrow and resemble a sword, so it is also known as the sword orchid. Its flowering time is from July to October each year, thus it blooms from summer to autumn when it is most grown and has the lovely moniker of four-season orchid.

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4.Cymbidium kanran

Cymbidium kanran, sometimes known as winter orchid, is evidently a winter-blooming species of orchid. It blooms from November to December, in the midst of an extremely cold and lonely winter. The leaves of chilly orchids are quite broad and thick, and their flower stems are slightly thin and long, but straight and upright, rendering them extremely solitary. The tepals are thin and lengthy, but the flowers are highly spectacular and have a very refreshing aroma.

5. Cymbidium sinense

The cymbidium sinense is what we often speak of ink sinense; There are numerous species of cymbidium sinense ; its leaves are typically large and thick, and their shape resembles a sword. The flowering period occurs annually from January through February, coinciding with the Chinese New Year celebration, hence the name "cymbidium sinense." But because this variety is not cold resistant, it is basically kept indoor warm environment.

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Orchids play a very high role in many kinds of flowers in China. In ancient times, the orchid not only symbolized the idea of "innocent and elegant", but also symbolized the firm friendship. There are 1019 varieties of Chinese orchid, which are divided into 5 species above, which are a small part of more than 20,000 orchid varieties in the world.

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