Smell Orchid-Maxillaria Tenuifolia

Maxillaria tenuifolia, the delicate-leafed maxillaria or coconut pie orchid reported by Orchidaceae as an accepted name in the genus Haraella (family Orchidaceae). It seems ordinary, but its enchanting fragrance has attracted many people. The flowering period is from spring to summer, and it opens once a year. Flower life is 15 to 20 days. coconut pie orchid prefer high-temperature and humid climate for light, so they need strong scattered light, but remember do not to direct strong light to ensure sufficient sunshine. In summer, they need to avoid strong direct light at noon, or they can breed in a semi open and semi ventilated state. But it also has certain cold resistance and drought resistance. The annual growth temperature is 15-30 ℃, and the minimum temperature in winter cannot be lower than 5 ℃.

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As for watering, the three seasons of spring, summer and autumn are the growing seasons of caffeinated orchids. It is necessary to keep the cultivation materials moist without ponding. Watering should be properly controlled during the flowering period, and it is not allowed to directly water the bud and petals.
Although coconut pie orchid is not so outstanding among many flowers and plants, its leaves are linear and slender. There are flat pseudobulbs at the base of the plant, which are green and bright, much like green purses. Each pseudobulb can grow 2-3 flowers, with white and orange colors. Bright red, yellow green, black purple, and multicolored spots and spots. Although they look ordinary, as long as they are close, they will have a strong taste of chocolate, coffee, cream and coconut milk. They are sweet and make people still can't help swallowing.

Product Parameter

Temperature Intermediate-Warm
Bloom Season Summer, Spring, Fall
Light Level Medium
Use Indoor Plants
Color white and orange, Bright red, yellow green, black purple
Fragrant Yes
Feature live plants
Province Yunnan
Type Maxillaria

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