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golden barrel cactus sphere is round and green, with golden thorns, hard and powerful. It is a representative species of strong thorns. The potted plants can grow into large, regular specimen balls to decorate the halls and become more brilliant. They are the best among indoor potted plants.
Golden barrel cactus likes sunny, and more like fertile, sandy loam with good water permeability. During the high temperature and hot period in summer, the sphere should be properly shaded to prevent the sphere from being burned by the strong light.

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Cultivated sandy loam: it can be mixed with the same amount of coarse sand, loam, leaf rot and a small amount of old wall ash. It requires plenty of sunlight, but it can still be properly shaded in summer. The winter temperature is maintained at 8-10 degrees Celsius, and drying is required. It grows faster under the conditions of fertile soil and air circulation.
Note: Pay attention to heat preservation. Echinacea is not cold-resistant. When the temperature drops to about 5℃, you can move Echinacea into a sunny place indoors to keep the pot soil dry and beware of cold winds.
Cultivation tips: Under the conditions of ensuring the light and temperature requirements, use perforated plastic film to make a tube to cover the entire sphere and flower pot to create a small environment of high temperature and humidity. The golden amber sphere cultivated by this method increases Big is faster, and the thorn will become very hard.

Product Parameter

Climate Subtropics
Place of Origin China
Shape Spherical
Size(crown diameter) 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 40cm, 45cm, 50cm or bigger
Use Indoor Plants
Color Green,Yellow
Shipment By air or by sea
Feature live plants
Province Yunnan, Jianxi
Type Succulent Plants
Product Type Natural Plants
Product name Echinocactus Grusonii, golden barrel cactus

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