Live agave Goshiki Bandai

Agave cv. Goshiki Bandai,Accepted Scientific Name: Agave univittata var. lophantha f. quadricolor.

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Agave lophantha 'Quadricolor' (Quadricolor Century Plant) - A very distinctive and attractive small agave to 12 to 18 inches tall by 2 feet wide with 6 to 12 inch long, dark green leaves edged with yellow and having a pale green midstripe. The yellow marginal stripes, highlighted by dark reddish teeth, flush red when grown in bright light to give the leaf four distinct colors.

Cultivation and Propagation: It is a relatively easy-to-grow species. If grown in a pot, it is a wonderful looking species.
Exposure: Suited for light shade to full sun, but better with some shade in summer. Plants cultivated outdoors are more drought tolerant and can take some heat and full sun.
Soil: It does great in containers or in the ground. It needs a very well-drained soil.
Water requirements: It grows fairly fast in summer if provided with copious water, but allow to dry thoroughly before watering again (the more water and fertilizer this plant gets, the faster it will grow). During the winter months, one should only water enough to keep the leaves from shrivelling.
Hardiness: It is frost tolerant to -5° C, but it is best to avoid freezing temperatures.
Maintenance: Remove suckers to show off the beauty and form of the individual rosette.
Propagation: By suckers, which often are found growing around the base of the plant, Remove the basal suckers (if available) in spring or summer and let the cuttings dry for a few days before inserting into compost.

Product Parameter

Climate Subtropics
Place of Origin China
Sizecrown diameter 25cm30cm40cm
Use Indoor/outdoor Plants
Color Green,whiteyellow
Shipment By air or by sea
Feature live plants
Province Yunnan
Type Succulent Plants
Product Type Agave
Product name Agave lophantha 'Quadricolor'

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