Rare Agave Potatorum Live Plant

Agave potatorum, the Verschaffelt agave, is a species of flowering plant in the family Asparagaceae. Agave potatorum grows as a basal rosette of between 30 and 80 flat spatulate leaves of up to 1 foot in length and edge fringe of short, sharp, dark spines and ending in a needle of up to 1.6 inches long. The leaves are pale, silvery white, with the flesh coloured green fading lilac to pink at the tips. The flower spike can be 10–20 feet long when fully developed and bears pale green and yellow flowers.
Agave potatorum like warm, humid and sunny environment, drought resistant, not cold resistant. During the growth period, it can be placed in a bright place for curing, otherwise it will cause loose plant shape

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The original growth environment of Agave potatorum brocade often has quite blazing sunshine. Therefore, Agave potatorum brocade can adapt to the environment with abundant sunshine. If the sunshine in the environment is not enough, the growth of the plant will be poor and its original appearance will be lost. Therefore, in winter, the sunshine conditions are relatively poor. It is necessary to pay special attention to the sunshine conditions of the cultivation environment of auspicious crown brocade, and try to provide sufficient sunshine, so as to be beneficial to the growth of Agave potatorum brocade and make it survive the winter safely.

Auspicious crown brocade has strong vitality, which of course means that Agave potatorum brocade can endure relatively harsh environment. In the south, even when winter cold current strikes, auspicious crown brocade can adapt as long as there is sufficient sunshine. The lowest growth temperature of auspicious crown brocade is about 7 ℃, so when the temperature is too low, it should be moved to indoor maintenance, and the rest of the time can be cultivated outdoors.

Agave potatorum brocade is very strong in nature and does not have strict requirements for water. However, sufficient water must be given during its growth to make it grow well. In addition, during winter dormancy period, auspicious crown brocade should not be watered with too much water, otherwise it is easy to cause root rot.

Because Agave potatorum brocade has a strong adaptability to the environment, it will not affect the development of plants even if it grows on quite poor soil. However, the fertile medium will still make agave grow better. It is advisable to apply fertilizer once a year. Do not often spray fertilizer, otherwise it is easy to cause fertilizer damage.

Product Parameter

Climate Subtropics
Place of Origin China
Size(crown diameter) 30cm,40cm
Use Indoor Plants
Color Green,white
Shipment By air or by sea
Feature live plants
Province Yunnan, Jianxi
Type Succulent Plants
Product Type Natural Plants
Product name Agave potatorum, the Verschaffelt agave

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